GP Brands

Our model
We are changing the way franchising works. Up until now, the whole franchise industry has been very franchisor-centric, with most of the profit produced by the brand flowing directly into the franchisor’s bank account. This has been true from large household name chains, down to mom-and-pop franchises, but we don’t think it’s right.

We have developed a franchising system whereby we produce an industry leading franchise system, calculate how much it costs us to provide that system, and then charge that amount, plus a profitable mark-up. We won’t pretend we are a charity. We ARE in business to make money, and we do, but we prefer to make it by providing good value for money services to our franchisees, rather than by bleeding our franchisees dry.

For us to be continuingly successful, our franchisees have to be successful. It’s that simple and that is our corporate culture. Good business is when EVERYONE gets a good deal.

Building Businesses
The staff at GP Brands have years of business experience, in both the management and creative ends, and have spent years building successful businesses. Over that time we learned what works, and what doesn’t work and now we apply this to franchising.

During our brainstorming sessions we come up with new concepts, and improvements on old concepts and these, as well as ideas people bring to us will be the basis of our new brands.

Not every business is franchisable. By looking carefully at a business we can tell if it will be a success when taken to the public on a large scale. Some businesses are very franchisable, but there is already so much competition in the field that a newcomer must bring something very special to the table to compete. We can tell which businesses are good candidates for expansion.

Your current business
If you have an existing business that you have always wanted to expand, but didn’t know where to start, just give us a call or send us an email so we can discuss your idea. Confidentiality is very important to us and we will of course sign mutual confidentiality agreements before we discuss details for everyone’s protection.

The franchise you want
Are you looking for a franchise but haven’t found just the right business for you yet? Unlike any other company, we’ll create a brand just for you and it may not be as expensive as buying into an existing franchise that you’re not crazy about*.

If you have always wanted to get involved in a specific business, we can do some research for you and design your new business. This can be a complicated process but we can make it much easier that you going it alone! To start the process we work on a consultant basis for a small fee, and as we build the franchise brand we apply any consultation fees to ward your franchise fees and royalties for the new brand.

*Depending on your state regulations, franchising may or may not be possible in some business fields but we will research the legalities of what you are proposing.